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Should women be allowed to be drafted in the military Research Proposal

Should women be allowed to be drafted in the military - Research Proposal Example By means of banning women from warfare also damages their military professions. Even if women merely accounts for a small fraction of the military, they still perform a most important role. Their functioning has generated assistance from the public for boosting the responsibility of females inside the military. America is not the sole country that has concerns with women inside the military. Army examiners have come up with an innovative study which concludes that, as soon as a woman is appropriately trained she happens to be as tough as a man (Women in Combat). Several explorers after examining how women functions in these standings came to the similar conclusion. Their presentation has led the world to apprehend that women are exceptionally useful in warfare. Even if many females are not enthusiastic to go into combat, still there are women who is capable and desire to go accomplish the job. Nowadays, the modern civilization has begun to obtain cognizance of the budding function of women inside a more multifaceted world of male adjusted professions. Modifications in viewpoints have turned out to be more perceptible although some still anticipates a few of them to formulate it. On the other hand, those who are unconditionally fated to be successful have mounted similarly with their male equivalents. Women are at present are being observed to propagate even inside the planet of men in uniform. Be enough to declare that they have plagued almost every space inside this society.   They appear to eat very similar food. They make use of the same sink. They sleep together inside one barracks, though in detached cubicles, also they even utilize the similar screeching steel bunks. They jog within the same speed; they sweat at any time where everybody sweats. They go anywhere everybody goes. They satisfy themselves towards an atmosphere where a life of soothe and freedom is all too far away from reality. In brief, they too, may

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SCC Caf Proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

SCC Caf Proposal - Essay Example The chapter begins with the invention of a proposal in which it discusses the factors to consider before creating a proposal. This it explains requires the identification of a need and possible solutions. By analyzing the solutions, it becomes possible for one to develop a realistic proposal that addresses the problem. Organizing and drafting a proposal is yet another vital chapter in the book that explains the structures of proposals and tools available to students to enable them to develop effective proposals. The authors maintain that the use of language is a major factor that affects the effectiveness and usability of proposals among other types of writings. The authors advise the use of simple sentence structure in order to enhance the communication. Use of jargons is advisable only when writing professional proposals since each profession has a set of jargons. Â  The chapter is indeed vital since it addresses the essential type of writing to both students and professionals. However, students are earners and therefore require a reliable point of reference. The chapter offers an effective reference since the authors of the book use simple language and a point-by-point explanation of the process of writing a proposal a feature that makes the book easy to use. Additionally, the authors use the various example just in order to enhance the learners’ comprehension of the facts and ideas they present in the book. The various illustrations in the chapter coupled with the descriptive language the authors use in the chapter are among the factors that enhance the usability of the chapter thus the book. Â  In retrospect, the chapter offers an effective and elaborate explanation of the topical issue. The authors try their best to develop an effective learning material targeting young learners.

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Fedex Essay Example for Free

Fedex Essay If you were the HR Head of a major competitor of FedEx: a) List down the 3 HR practices which you would emulate of FedEx. Explain reasons for the same. Ans) * Leadership Evaluation And Awareness Process (LEAP) This policy gave FedEx’s Non-Managerial Employees an opportunity to seek Managerial Positions. LEAP created the chance for Non Management Employees to try out their Managerial Skills. LEAP helped Employees of FedEx check whether they were capable of managing Organizations or not. It also gave a chance to FedEx to check out the leadership and managerial skills of its internal Employees. * â€Å"Guaranteed Fair Employee Procedure† (GFTP ) Via â€Å"People –Service-Profit â€Å" (PSP) Philosophy – One of the major HR practices which made FedEx a success story was the Guaranteed Fair Employee Procedure where all type of Employee Grievances were taken care of. The philosophy of â€Å" People-Service-Profit† where Employees were kept before the company’s profit making motives lead to more motivated employees ,leading to more profits in the long run . It was believed that people before profits were would lead to more efficient work on behalf of the employees to the customers , thus strengthening the brand image of FedEx. * Succession Planning Executive Education (SPEED) – The SPEED program introduced at FedEx were done mainly to give feedback to the high level employees reporting directly to the CEO or to the top management of FedEx. Feedback was given periodically n order to rate the skills and promotability of the people who were likely to replace them in the near future. Such Employees were suggested which areas they needed to work on to improve their skills for their new positions some years down the line. b) If you had to attract top Talent from Fedex, what would be your strategy for this, assuming compensation and role were not the key factors for attracting talent from Fedex? Develop your response based on the case study (identifying areas where Fedex may not be as good) and state your assumptions, if any. Ans) To lure top Talent from FedEx, we can go in for the following strategies: * Fringe Benefits * Perks * Job Enlargement And Enrichment More Exciting Job Opportunities Q2. Based on the industry FedEx is in and on the nature of its business, list down 1 or 2 competencies which you think are core to the organization (across functions and levels) and which are essential for employees to possess in order for the organization to succeed. Justify your answer suitably Ans) * Recruitment Focusing on Entrepreneurship The recruitment style followed by FedEx is to hire people who have a mind for new Entrepreneurial ventures. They have to be creative in nature and have the ability to think out of the box. This Recruitment strategy has worked well for FedEx. * Employee Centricity and Retention – FedEx Core Competency lies in the fact that all the Employees are treated equally and every grievance are taken care of. No stone is left unturned to see to it that all problems faced by employees are always addressed to before the company objectives. Q3. What do you think would be the top 5 measures the CEO of FedEx would want his HR Head to measure and report on an ongoing basis.

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Technology, Privacy and Credit Card Fraud Essay -- Exploratory Essays

Technology, Privacy and Credit Card Fraud The advancement of technology over the years appeared to be the greatest thing known to mankind.   With the Internet, the world is at one's finger tips and just about anything can be accessed using it.   This is not necessarily a good thing, with crimes like creidt card fraud going around.   The number of credit card fraud incidents is rapidly increasing as the years progress.   Anybody with a credit card could possibly be a victim of this crime and it should be taking seriously.   One’s life could be ruined if their information gets into the wrong hands.   Around the holidays, most consider shopping via Internet the most safe and convent way to go.   You never leave the house, so there is no need to worry about those thieves running the streets snatching bags and picking pockets.   But, shopping online holds risks just as great as shopping in the stores.   The Internet may say your information is safe and will not be shared with anyone else, but who really knows?   Very rarely people find out their victims of credit card fraud before too much damage has been done.   In East Lansing, there were two cases of credit card fraud within this past year.   According to an article in The State News, Sadia Zoe Tabie- Bogne was arrested on November 10, 2004 for two counts of credit card fraud.   She has stolen and made over $3,000 worth of purchases, with at least $2,800 of it being stolen from her husband.   All of Sadia's victims have been international students, her husband included.   Sadia Zoe Tabie- Bogne's pre-trial is scheduled for November 24, 2004.   Denita Dorsey is faced with twenty seven charges of identity theft/ credit card fraud this month also.   The May graduate has stolen more than $1... ...t year.   The number of incidents and the amount of monetary lost has drastically increased over the past four years.   Privacy is being invaded by technology in more ways than you know. Works Cited * Houghton,   Shannon.   " E.L. resident arrested for credit card fraud."   The State News November 17, 2004 * Mullins, Marcy.   â€Å"Net’s global reach gives criminals an open door.† USA Today October 21, 2004.: 2B * Nordberg, Jenny.   â€Å"Criminals Focus on Weak Link in Banking: A.T.M Network.†Ã‚   The New York Times August 3, 2003.: 24 * Anonymous. â€Å"Identity Theft.† Identity Theft Protection Information and Resource Center. 16 November 2004. <> * Anonymous.   â€Å"Federal Trade Commission: Your National Resource for Identity Theft.†Ã‚   ID Theft.   11 November 2004. <>.

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Imc for Samsung Galaxy

Apple Phone already created a boom relied, now it is time for smart tablets to take over the boom. Well-known companies such as Apple and Samsung have already launched tablets called pad and Galaxy Tab and they have become very popular with people and are getting more popular. As Samsung is already known as one of the top electronic devices providers, customer awareness AT ten Drank Is relatively enlarger tan toner competitors, however, the marketing team provides MIMIC plan throughout the report to gain more customer awareness and sales.Samsung targets its main target market to 15 to 50 year old middle to high income genuineness, women or students who are mostly early adopters and want to try new high-tech products. The estimated target market size is approximately 10,048,226. It is true that still Apple pad is dominating the tablet market by 75% and Samsung Galaxy Tab follows next acquiring 22%, however, Galaxy Tab is closing the gap day by day. As Galaxy Tab is a little cheaper th an pad, people who are price sensitive would prefer Galaxy Tab to pad.Samsung aims to increase more than 25% of the tablet market by the end of March 2012, and increase customer awareness towards Galaxy Tab 2 from 55% to 75% by the first quarter of 2012. Samsung is going to use various media tools to promote the product through period 1 to 3 from September 2011 to March 2012. See below; In the period 1, for the whole month of September before the release of the product, on the Youth site Galaxy Tab will be broadcast worldwide.The next period, on the release day, 10 Bentley cars with pictures of Galaxy Tab 2 will be running around HCI to catch people's attention. Then for the next few days lucky draws will be held in every Samsung retail store in HCI, customers who buy Galaxy Tab 2 get a chance to win a trip to Korea, Samsung mobile phones and other electronic devices. Samsung plans to advertise Galaxy Tab 2 as online banner on various popular websites, on TV commercials, magazines a nd billboards. Samsung also uses celebrity brand endorsers, Mr.. Bin Mini and Ms.Than Hang, to promote the product and to change consumer perception. Furthermore, Samsung intends to have brand endorsers from Korea, Dong Bang Shin Gig and You-An Kim, to hold autograph sessions at Vinson Centre and Diamond Plaza. Samsung is planning to have autograph session not only to increase customer awareness but also to promote the tablet. In the period 3, Samsung is aiming to sponsor Than Hang to have music video and also from 8 February to 8 March a festival called Where the love begins' will be held to encourage more customers to purchase the product.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Love And Sexuality

The world as we know it is constantly changing and evolving. Changing with it are concepts that seem to have been around for ages, such as love and relationships. The inner mechanisms of our minds continue to grow as continue to we develop fields such as psychology and sociology. Relatively new fields such as these tie together society and science in a way that helps us understand ourselves and the communities in which we live. An important aspect of either field being love and the way humans interact amongst each other. As described by Leslie Bell in her work â€Å"Hard to Get: Twenty‑Something Women and the Paradox of Sexual Freedom†, our sexuality is dynamic and constantly changing to fit into various circumstances. Adversely, Barbara†¦show more content†¦These young adults may not be held to the same extreme standards as in earlier centuries, however they are still burdened by a society that punishes oversexuality and mocks undersexuality. A women behaving too overwhelmingly sexual may be regarded as â€Å"easy† or â€Å"too much† while one too shy and timid may be labeled a â€Å"stiff† and â€Å"too much work†. In response, many women have developed a way of dealing with these pressures by divvying up their social and psychological personalities that they â€Å"invoke at different times and in various situations to manage anxiety and defend against uncertainty†(28). This revolutionary strategy empowers women who seek to take control of their love lives. If we view our sexuality as a dynamic rather than a constant, we take the first step in defining love for ourselves. Society has hypersexualized present day love, but fitting in only serves to fuel the fire. Breaking the mold and going against the tide by allowing ourselves to be encompass social values that are seemingly contradictory is dangerous, yet revolutionary. Dangerous in the sense that breaking the mold may be detrimental to one s’ self. It has been historically proven how women who go against the flow of society are often ostracized; cruelly critiqued for daring to be different. Empowered women are perceived as dangerous, and they are more often than not seen in a negative light for claiming their self worth. This risk isShow MoreRelatedThe Importance Of Studying The Relationships And Subject Formations1688 Words   |  7 Pagesinfluences and intersects when it comes to jobs in the real world. According to society I am described as â€Å"middle class†. Being classified as middle class has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages include free and reduced rates during my K-12 period of my education, a lot of financial aid while I’m here at college. However the disadvantages are that we as middle classed individuals, have to pick up the slack of the upper class, and lower classed individuals in the economy. We pay the most taxesRead MoreWomen Empowerment in the Old Testament Essay1103 Words   |  5 Pagesthis power stems from a deeper source, their very essence as sexual beings. Women in the Old Testament such as Eve, Lot’s daughters, Potiphar’s wife, and Delilah are thought of throughout history as â€Å"scandalous† women. But perhaps through their sexuality, they awaken in themselves, as well as all women, an innate, yet powerful ability to exert control over the men whom they feel attempt to dominate them. For centuries, men have used the belief that since Adam had authority over the earth, theyRead MoreAnalysis Of Silver Linings Playbook1373 Words   |  6 Pageshelp each other cope with their disorders. Throughout the movie, treatments for both bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder, as well as the disadvantages and advantages are shown. Advantages of borderline personality disorder can include individuals being loyal, persistent, creative and are most often non-conformists. Disadvantages include individuals who are impacted by borderline personality disorder usually see themselves as powerless, vulnerable and undesirable. Generally, theseRead MorePrivacy And The Right Of Privacy993 Words   |  4 Pagescontrol people’s business and people would be unsafe, unsecured under strict government. People who lived in 1984, their lives were so distressed because they could not do anything what they want because of the Big Brother. There were no freedom, sexuality act and power of citizens. They were be controlled by the government and were serving for them without any complaints. It was because the government made them to believe in the Party. Freedom is the right to act, think or speaks without restraintRead MoreIt Is Hard to Possess a Sense of Belonging When We Are Unsure of Our Own Identity.673 Words   |  3 Pages We are all different in our own ways no one is born equally some may take their differences as an advantage and some take it as a disadvantage and tries to hide this imperfection in order to fit in. Although we all live in the same world we are all different be it the shape of our eyes, the colour of our skin, the country we were born or the accent that we speak in and to others their sexuality. These are all the traits that come together and create our identity, however this differences are sometimesRead MoreMarriage Viewpoints over the World1194 Words   |  5 Pagesmarriages, they are forcing two people to get married. Marriages in this country is not a relationship of love for two people, but a connection between two families. Moreover, in this type of arranged marriage, the husband and wife have never met each other, and they have to live as a lifetime term with a partner that they don’t even know before. Indian family said that â€Å"Their kids will love and understand each other when they spend time to live together. Even though the arrangement of marriage inRead MoreIs Fitzgerald’s Portrayal of 1920’s Women Entirely Negative? Essay1726 Words   |à ‚  7 Pagesportrayed in â€Å"The Great Gatsby†, the female characters are controlled and possessed by the men; yet, as illustrated through Daisy and Myrtle, by accepting this inferior position, the women are able to manipulate the emotions of men and use their sexuality in order to obtain financial security and social acceptance. As F. Scott Fitzgerald said in his lifetime, â€Å"‘Women are so weak, really – emotionally unstable – and their nerves, when strained, break . . . this is a man’s world. All wise women conformRead MoreAnalysis Of My White Privilege On The Lgbtq Community Essay1198 Words   |  5 PagesThroughout my life, I have experienced privilege and I understand that as a white, gay man, I hold disproportionate influence. I understand that the factors of race and sexuality have held a considerable impact on my life and my experiences as a member of both the white and LGBTQ communities. Though I understand my racial advantage as a gay person, I do not feel shameful; instead, I feel a responsibility to further the condition of intersectional equality. An analysis of my white privilege in theRead MoreShould America Adopt A New Perspective?1137 Words   |  5 PagesShould America Adopt a New Perspective There are dangers and advantages to America adopting a multicultural perspective. Adopting the multicultural perspective would affect the characteristics of social groups, organizations, social stratification, and the current class system in the United States (Moffitt). I believe that there are more dangers than advantages to adopting a new multicultural perspective in America. There are many different characteristics that go into the different cultures whichRead MoreThe Big Sleep By Raymond Chandler1291 Words   |  6 Pagesdeal with the pressure. Prostitution, as well, became more popular among women desperate to pay their bills, resulting in a shift in the way women were viewed at the time. In Chandler’s novel women were also portrayed as sexual creatures, taking advantage of it to get what they wanted. In â€Å"The Big Sleep† Raymond Chandler tells the story of an honest yet cynical detective, Philip Marlowe, hired by a wealthy old man, General Sternwood, to help him â€Å"take care of† a pornographer who has been blackmailing

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Character Analysis Child of the Dark - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 558 Downloads: 7 Date added: 2017/09/17 Category Education Essay Type Argumentative essay Level High school Tags: Character Analysis Essay Did you like this example? Patrick McGuire Latin American History 3/17/2010 Child of the Dark Essay I found Child of the Dark interesting because Carolina’s diary captures both her highs and lows emotionally. She can be very judgmental but also sympathetic. Her upbringing had a great influence on the shaping of her character. She was an illegitimate child of her father who was married to another woman. Because of this, she was treated as an outcast growing up. She had a very aggressive personality because she was always defending herself. But most importantly, she went to school just long enough to learn how to read and write. This ability and her passion for education separated from the rest in the favelas, I dont know how to sleep without reading. I like to leaf through a book. The book is mans best invention so far. (Jesus 17) Race seems to not be an issue with Carolina as much as education. She is a well educated and self-sufficient black mother and has difficulty dealing with the ignora nce of those living in the favelas. When she mentions race, she always ties it back to education. As she mentions the anniversary of the Abolition, she says â€Å"In the jails the Negroes were the scapegoats. But now the whites are more educated and don’t treat us any more with contempt. May God enlighten the whites so that the Negroes may have a happier life. † (Jesus 23) She doesn’t pass judgment on the whites as a race, she blames ignorance. This is quite unique, because she frequently mentions that she is harassed for being black throughout her diary. Beyond education, she also considered herself a very devout catholic. She considers God her greatest asset as she deals with the temptation to steal food or other necessities. She states that favela life leads people with normally good moral conscience to do things they normally wouldn’t. She takes pride in the fact she supports her children without stealing and attributes her faith. Though Carolin a defies a number of stereotypes about the poor, her views of the world are definitely influenced by her class standing. By comparison, class is significantly more important to Carolina than race. Though she states that education is the solution to racism, she also has a condescending view of the elite, who she believes to be exploitative and pretentious. Throughout the diary, Carolina reveals herself as a complicated individual. She describes life in the favelas as hopeless, yet she manages to rise above it in many ways. By being the exception to the rule, she further complicates the issues at hand. She describes and experiences firsthand the social and economic weight that falls upon the lower class. She believes the conditions are unreasonably difficult and expresses this difficulty by comparing it to slavery, â€Å"The birthday of my daughter, Vera Eunice. I wanted to buy a pair of shoes for her, but the price of feed keeps us from realizing our desires. Actually we are s laves to the cost of living. I found a pair of shoes in the garbage, washed them, and patched them for her to wear. (Jesus 3) At the same time doesn’t excuse them from responsibility for their own choices, I can take the ups and downs of life. If I cant store up courage to live, Ive resolved to store up patience. (Jesus 10) Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Character Analysis: Child of the Dark" essay for you Create order